Test flight S/N25 two seater glider PERKOZ

The serial number 25 of our two seater glider SZD-54-2 PERKOZ has been recently finished in our new production hall in Bielsko- Biała. Our dedicated

Propeller test of Allstar-e-motion

The first test run of the new folding propeller for the electric propulsion system Allstar-e-motion was successfully carried out. The test is a big step

2021/2022 – Available SZD Delivery Dates

Save your preferred delivery position for a SZD sailplane right now! Serial numbers marked green with the related delivery date are still available.

New Production Hall for SZD-54-2 PERKOZ

Composite parts production has returned to where the history of SZD sailplanes began, 75 years ago. The production line of SZD-54-2 PERKOZ

SZD-55-1 with Brazilian Type Certificate (TC)

ANAC has released the TC for SZD-55-1 NEXUS under No. EP-202003. This facilitates the registration as well as all airworthiness processes for

SZD-55-1 New Generation - The Maiden Flight Done!

The first serial manufactured SZD 55-1 "new generation" NEXUS has been flown today. Stormy weather, with several of rotors circling

Record flight in Romania Carpathian Mountains

Side by side two PERKOZs of the national Aeroclub of Romania brock the previous record of 700 km by managing both the distance of 1000 km on a

Annual Aviation Picnic on Alexandrowice Airfield

Right in front of the Allstar PZL Glider factory, the traditional Aviation Picnic took place on Aug. 31st and Sep. 1st. The event offered another opportunity

SZD-54-2 PERKOZ - Flight Safety SIL-004/SZD/2019

Please refer to the Service Information Letter SIL-004/SZD/2019 with regards to the proper operation and installation of wing tips.
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