Our SZD-51-1 JUNIOR starts the season

We celebrate the start of the gliding season with a factory flight test of our latest SZD-51-1 JUNIOR.

This SZD glider is one of the few models explicitly designed for advanced training. In this phase, the student pilot must gain single-seater flight experience in the glider after completing the first solo flight.



To support the future pilot in this training phase, the JUNIOR has particularly simple controls and benign and predictable behavior at the edges of the flight envelope. The robust construction also allows it to withstand a hard touchdown in a less than perfect training landing. The JUNIOR spins like the SZD-54-2 PERKOZ training two-seater. The initiation and recovery of the spin are very precise.

The JUNIOR has a good climb performance and a glide ratio of 35 at 80 km/h for cross-country flights at the end of training syllabus and can be utilized in many more aspects beyound flight training. According to our experience, students and other club pilots enjoy flying the JUNIOR because of its flight characteristics.



The SZD-51-1 JUNIOR is the only single-seater training glider that is available new from the factory. With the open production line, SZD addresses the needs of flight schools and clubs. The successful model was revised by SZD and included automatic rudder connections and an adjustable seat pan with neck support as standard. With our latest JUNIOR, 264 gliders have already been built.

If you are interested in the SZD-51-1 JUNIOR for your training facility or gliding club, please contact us. We will be happy to provide personal advice and support.