Rebirth of SZD-50-3 PUCHACZ Gliders

SZD-50-3 PUCHACZ glider, developed and manufactured between 1976 and 2014 remains one of the primary training platforms for a broad variety of glider training programs. Meeting the demands of the gliding clubs, to extend the PUCHACZ gliders lifetime, Allstar PZL Glider, Type Certificate Holder (TCH) for SZD-50-3, decided to develop the present programme. After the said programme is implemented, the lifetime for the design may be extended to 12,000 flight hours.

After 6,000 flight hours, the BE-051/SZD-50-3/2003 maintenance bulletin shall be implemented. The said bulletin extends the lifetime up to 6,750 flight hours. After that the BE-064/SZD-50-3/2022 bulletin may be implemented, extending the lifetime up to 12,000 flight hours.

This programme relates to a detailed inspection of the airframe structure and systems of the PUCHACZ, specifying the maintenance procedures and defining the required repairs and replacement of the glider components, to ensure their functionality and reliability, both of which would translate into the physical flight worthiness.

» Service Bulletin BE-064/50-3/2022
» Service Bulletin BE-051/50-3/2003

» Major Change Appoval EASA 10081142

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