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The first SZD-54-2 takes off in Argentina!

The dream of Aeroclub Dolores came true. The celebration of the 90. anniversary of the club was a worthy opportunity to invest in the two-seater glider SZD-54-2 PERKOZ  – The Dream Ship of Every Club.



Located not far south-east of Buenos Aires, surrounded by flat and ample land, the club is now going to put the focus on training unlimited aerobatic flights by using the full capacity of the SZD-54-2. For more relaxed cross-country soaring, the wing extension for the 20-meter span is waiting in the wings for the club pilots. Moreover, the PERKOZ is used for initial flight students training.

Argentina is a regular customer of SZD-sailplanes for more than 70 years. We thank all who helped to get this most modern glider for training certified by the ANAC for Argentina.

We wish: always happy landings.

Instagram: aeroclubdolores