SZD-54-2 Perkoz and a Unique Project

The Innovative ideas and energetic management of LSC Kitzingen e. V. was able to convince the European Union and the Free State of Bavaria, Germany to sponsor a unique project.

Now, gliding is completely emission-free in Kitzingen.

An electric windlass was bought with funding from the EU’s and BavarianLeader”-programme. It uses electricity from a solar installation on the site of the local airfield (EDGY). This investment is completed by the purchase of our newly developed universal double-seater glider SZD-54-2 PERKOZ.

The new infrastructure enables far-reaching activities, which have an impact on the country area around Kitzingen. Networking with organisations, associations, clubs and schools in the region is one of the objectives of the funding programme. The “Leader” programme helps to improve the attractiveness of the location.

Training for flight students and flight instructors, as well as education accompanying to the school, can be offered at Kitzingen airfield. A special highlight is the gliding training in aerobatics. The SZD-54-2 is approved for unlimited aerobatics and thus enables further education and training beyond basic aerobatics training.

20210806-szd-news-1.jpg Tamara Bischof, administrative head of the district Kitzingen and Herbert Sattler, association's president of the LSC Kitzingen, are sharing their happiness with the youngest club pilot, Leo Fischer, about the growth of the club’s fleet with the addition of the training double-seater glider. Photo: Corinna Petzold-Mühl


For further information about the “Leader”-project and the gliding club, please see the website of  LSC Kitzingen.